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Canaberra Coffeeshop & Restaurant

OPEN // Monday - Sunday,7AM - 11PM
BREAK FAST // Monday - Sunday,7:00 PM – 11 AM // Sunday, 7:00AM - 11PM
CANABERRA is a cozy, Coffeeshop and restaurant with an intimate environment in Remera Kisimenty (Stone Road)
We appreciates walk-in guests.
If there is traffic, stop by, Say Hi, order or Ask for directions; we'll be happy to Help.

our MENU the PRICE

Our menu has been carefully crafted to tantalise your taste and Interest without bankrupting your account

Featured on the week

  • Chicken Stroganoff

    Rwf 4,000.00

    Is a russian inspired dish, made with sautéed chicken, onions, Dijon mustard, ketchup, crushed tomatoes and Double Cream

  • Four Seasons Pizza

    Rwf 4,500.00

    Pizza quattro stagioni (four seasons pizza) It has been described as a "classic", "famous" in Italian cuisine that is prepared in four sections with each section representing each season of the year.

  • Canaberra Breakfast

    Rwf 4500.00

    A glorious with Smoked sausage, omelette, toasted bread, fried potatoes, baked beans, ham, beef

  • Whole Grilled Chicken

    Rwf 10,000.00

    Nothing combines easy and elegant like a well-grilled chicken. The rave-worthy grill makes dinner simply special with chips and Salad

  • Starters (Cold & Hot)

    Ranging From Rwf 2,000.00

    Canaberra Fresh Garden Salad, Nicoise Salad, Chicken Soup and Salad, fish soup and mushroom

  • Snacks & Desserts

    From Rwf 500 to Rwf 2,500.00

    Snacks & Desserts Meat Balls, Beef Samosa, Fish Fingers and wings, Vegetable Wrap, Chicken Wrap, Fruit Salad, Marble Cake, Banana Cake, Lemon cake…………

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